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Rockstar Miracle Cleaner is a heavy duty cleaner for built up dirt and grime. Rockstar Miracle Cleaner will dissolve soap scum, grease and fat from concrete, terrazzo, sandstone and limestone. It removes graffiti and is an excellent grout cleaner.

  • Removes built up dirt and grime
  • Dissolves soap scum,grease and fat
  • Suits concrete, terrazzo, limestone, sandstone and porcelain tiles
  • Removes graffiti
  • Excellent grout cleaner

Ensure the surface is free from grease and dirt and that any prior coatings have been removed.

Always test product on a small area first. Mix Rockstar Miracle Cleaner with water to a 1 to 10 ratio (stronger ratios can be used on tougher stains). Apply with a mop or sponge to area and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.

Scrub/agitate the area with either a scrubbing brush or machine. Pick up the solution with a wet vacuum or clean dry mop. Allow area to dry. Go over area with a solution of Rockstar Neutral Cleaner to neutralise the area.

Solvent-based products shall require hazardous shipping protocols. There is a $50 hazmat surcharge on this product.

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